Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Zelensky: Russian aggression took the lives of two Polish voters
President of Ukraine Zelensky spoke about the Ukraine-Russia battle in a video message he shared on his Telegram account at night time. Zelensky drew consideration to the fact that tens of millions of individuals in 18 regions have electricity problems as a result of the intense air assaults carried out by Russia in opposition to the power infrastructure of the rustic. Those are tens of millions of shoppers. we’re doing our greatest to revive power infrastructures, both to produce and provide electrical energy.” mentioned Zelensky, adding electrical energy, water, electricity, water, electrical energy, water, and electrical energy to the settlements in Ukraine’s Kherson region, the place the Russian army withdrew final week. He mentioned that they are looking to re-determine services reminiscent of telephone connection and that pensions have began to be given to folks in the villages. Emphasizing that the Russia-Ukraine Warfare keeps, Zelensky mentioned that for now, the freshest conflicts continue on the Donetsk entrance. Zelensky, “Reports and knowledge from the Donetsk area have not changed. Fierce clashes continue at the comparable points as earlier than. Despite dozens of assaults, we’re protecting our positions.” he mentioned. regarding the missiles falling on Poland the day before today, Zelensky underlined that this issue could also be on the time table in the United International Locations (UN) Safety Council. Zelensky persisted: “Ukraine’s stance could be very clear. we’re looking to display all the main points, the facts. That’s why we need our professionals to take part in international research paintings and have access to all the data available within the house of ​​the explosion, like our different companions.” according to the inside track of AA, Zelensky mentioned that he had a telephone dialog with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Expressing his condolences to Duda, Zelensky said, “Russian aggression took the lives of two Polish electorate,” stated Zelensky. he stated. Zelensky: Russian aggression took the lives of 2 Polish citizens


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