Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Zelensky: 6 thousand square kilometers had been stored considering September
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky reminded that 2 HUNDRED days have passed due to the fact that Russia’s assaults, once more accusing Russia of being a terrorist state. Pointing Out that the Ukrainian army has launched offensives to reclaim the misplaced lands since the beginning of September, Zelenskiy stated From the start of September until nowadays, our squaddies have liberated greater than 6 thousand square kilometers within the east and south of Ukraine. The operations of our troops continue. He thanked the military units that took section in the operations one by one. Zelensky: 6 thousand square kilometers area has been liberated since September #1 Declaring that some countries nonetheless continue to interact with Russia, Zelensky said, “The Russian state remains to be in energy. “there’s no respectable reputation of support for terrorism. Citizens of the terrorist state can still commute to Europe to sit back and store and obtain a ecu visa. no one knows if those are the killers who’ve simply again from the occupied Ukrainian territory.” He also stated that many people and establishments that perform propaganda continue to work in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Zelensky: 6 thousand square kilometers of area has been liberated since September #2
Zelensky reminded that many cities within the Donbass region skilled energy outages as a results of Russian assaults, and mentioned that efforts are ongoing to resolve this drawback. . Declaring that many regions were re-energized, Zelensky stated, “The power infrastructure of the Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Sumi and Kharkov areas has been renewed. But these days there are new attacks on energy amenities. For me, the High Minister of Ukraine these days has a gathering with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Regions, the Ministry of Finance and Naftogaz. A coordination heart will be dependent to temporarily respond to a majority of these manifestations of Russian terrorism,” he said. Zelensky: 6 thousand square kilometers area has been saved since September #3
Zelensky, who argues that no state in historical past has done what Russia did, describing what took place across the Zaporizhia Nuclear Energy Plant, ” Radiation terror exists on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. Russian provocations and the bombing of the plant’s territory have introduced Ukraine and all of Europe to the brink of a radiation crisis. many countries in the international are affected by the dramatic increase in the prices of energy tools, electricity and heating. Russia in Europe It Is deliberately destabilizing the gasoline marketplace. this is a very cynical and completely calculated tactic of Russia. Fortunately, along with our companions, the United International Locations and Turkey, we had been in a position to perform a grain export initiative. Russia had to lift the blockade of our ports. But now the blockade once more threatens,” said. Zelensky: 6,000 square kilometers recovered since September #4


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