Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Ukraine: We purpose to carry a peace summit
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky visited the America final week. The country’s International Minister Dmitro Kuleba spoke approximately Zelensky’s seek advice from and the conflicts with Russia. talking to the Associated Press, Kuleba stated that the wars ended through diplomatic method. Kuleba stated that they aim to arrange a “peace summit” in February beneath the moderation of United Countries (UN) Secretary Normal Antonio Guterres. Kuleba emphasized that during order for Russia to attend the summit, first “it should be held in command of warfare crimes in an international courtroom” . Expressing that Russia’s commentary that it is able for peace talks does not mirror the truth, Kuleba mentioned, “The issues they did on the battlefield turn out the opposite.” he stated. Ukraine: We aim to hold a peace summit #1 according to the news of AA, Kuleba mentioned that they are going to do their best to win the battle in 2023 and that diplomacy will play crucial function in this process. Pointing to the importance of Zelensky’s seek advice from to Washington last week, Kuleba referred to that the us plans to deploy patriot missile batteries to Ukraine in less than 6 months. Ukraine: We aim to hold a peace summit #2


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