Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Russian warship wearing ‘unstoppable’ 7,000mph missiles heading towards UK
The 6,670 mph Zircon have a range of some 625 miles (Picture: Reuters/east2west)

The 6,670 mph Zircon have a range of some 625 miles (Picture: Reuters/east2west)

This Is Vladimir Putin’s ‘unstoppable’ warship armed with hypersonic cruise missiles as it sails against Britain in the Norwegian Sea.

A promo confirmed on Zvezda TV, owned by means of the Russian defence ministry, released nowadays displays the Admiral Gorshkov ‘repelling a simulated enemy’s air moves’ six days in to its debatable project.

The vessel is armed with Zircon, or Tsirkon, hypersonic missiles – a comparatively new weapon in Russia’s arsenal.

Putin has prior to now wired the Zircon has ‘no analogues in any u . s . a . in the world.’

Norway’s Armed Forces wired that though the Admiral Gorshkov is legally in international waters ‘they’re carefully tracking any movements’.

The Aim of the military exercise was once to ‘take a look at the air defence circuit, air and digital lighting techniques, anti-plane fire systems, tactical camouflage electronic warfare systems and air defence circuit control techniques.

The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov Norwegian Sea map Metro graphics

A map showing the movements of the Russian frigate

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Putin???s frigate carrying Zircon Tsirkon hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles plays war games, defending against a mock enemy, as it sails in the Norwegian Sea towards Britain.

The Admiral Gorshkov is legally in global waters (Image: Zvezda information/east2west information)


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