Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Russian soldier surrendering when he noticed the Ukrainian drone
The Ukrainian army continues to follow the Russian infantrymen with air cars. From time to time, Russian soldiers hiding in positions are mirrored within the cameras. one in all the ones soldiers needed to give up while he noticed the drone belonging to the Ukrainian forces. The Ministry of Security of Ukraine shared the image of the soldier walking with his arms up. “Ukrainian drones are the worst enemies of the Russian invaders,” the ministry’s social media account said in an announcement. is used. The Russian soldier who surrendered when he noticed the Ukrainian drone, ViDEO. However, it was said that this doesn’t observe to every Russian soldier. in the similar observation, “folks who try to face up to the Ukrainian Air Drive have zero probability of survival.”. Russian soldier who surrendered when he saw the Ukrainian drone #1 Russian soldier #2


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