Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
After the Russia-Ukraine warfare, the Western sanctions against Russia resulted in an power trouble. on this context, Russia began counter-sanctions equivalent to the duty to make use of rubles in gross sales. in keeping with the inside track of AA, Russian Deputy Top Minister Aleksandr Novak evaluated the new trends at the matter within the capital Moscow. In a statement to journalists, Novak reminded the attempts of the G7 countries, especially the united states, to impose a ceiling worth on Russian oil. Describing these tasks as “nonsense”, Novak mentioned, “Interfering in the operation of the oil market, which ensures the energy safety of the sector, will destabilize this market. this may occasionally completely smash the market.”. Emphasizing that if restrictions are imposed at the value of Russian oil, Novak mentioned, “Then we will additionally impose restrictions. we can no longer supply oil and petroleum products to such companies or countries as a result of we will no longer work in non-marketplace prerequisites.”. Deputy High Minister Novak delivered that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations (OPEC) and the OPEC+ workforce, which consists of a few non-OPEC manufacturer nations, China and India don’t fortify the initiative in query. G7 countries, particularly the us, wish to impose a ceiling price on Russian oil so as to reduce Russia’s power sales. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, in an announcement the day prior to this, expressed optimism in regards to the vital growth made within the implementation of the Russian oil price cap. Russia: We will not sell oil to those who impose price ceilings


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