Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Russia rejects Vladimir Zelensky's call to withdraw troops
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky known as on Russia “Withdraw your troops from our lands at Christmas”. In response from Moscow, Zelensky’s peace concept, which incorporates the withdrawal of Russian troops, was once rejected, pronouncing that Kiev must accept the brand new nearby “realities”. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov stated these data include the four regions of Ukraine as Russia’s “new subjects”. Peskov,The Ukrainian facet needs to take into consideration the realities that have advanced during this time. Those information display that new problems have arisen in the Russian Federation. It emerged as a results of the referendums held in these areas. No growth is possible with out taking it in.” said. The Russian spokesman wired that it’s out of the question for them to start out chickening out troops from Ukraine via the end of the 12 months. Russia rejects Vladimir Zelensky's call to withdraw troops #1 consistent with Reuters, Ukraine says Russia will have to stop its assaults and withdraw from all its territories. Zelensky prompt G7 leaders to strengthen the theory of ​​keeping an international Peace Summit.


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