Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Painting of painter Andy Warhol targeted in Australia
Environmental and climate activists continue to assault the works of famous painters in numerous areas to attract attention. Activists demanded the federal government prevent fossil fuel subsidies, this time in the Australian capital, Canberra. The environmentalist team “Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies” in Australia centered a painting that is considered one of the most essential representatives of the pop art movement. American painter Andy Warhol’s multi-canvas painting “Campbell’s Soup Cans” has been painted blue by activists. the 2 activists had been centered on the bottom row of canvases depicting the range of soup cans which might be lately at the marketplace on the Nationwide Gallery within the capital, Canberra. The work of well-known painter Warhol in Australia changed into the target of environmentalists Bonnie Cassen, an activist who sought after the federal government to end its support to the oil, gasoline and coal industries, argued that Warhol depicted “intake tradition going loopy” within the paintings in query. . “Capitalism is insane now. Fossil fuel companies are making file earnings, at the same time as households need to choose between medicine and meals for their youngsters. But our executive subsidizes the fossil gas trade at $22,000 a minute,” Cassen said. . In The statement made by means of the gallery control, “After similar incidents here and in a foreign country, a protest happened on the National Gallery of Australia. we are investigating the incident in cooperation with the Australian Federal Police.” expressions had been used. according to the inside track of İHA, it used to be said that the works had been below the glass frames and were not broken. A painting of artist Andy Warhol targeted in Australia #2


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