Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Oxford: Mr. Muhammad's It is not true that he married Ayşe at the age of 6
Prophet of Islam A Brand New look at has been made about the lifetime of Muhammad (S.A.V). Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V), Hz. There are narratives that he married Ayşe whilst he used to be 6 years old. Joshua Little, from Oxford School, who examined the problem, concluded that that is no longer the case. As a results of the investigations, it was mentioned that the rumors about the 6-12 months-vintage marriage have been made up later. It has been scientifically confirmed that the marriage in question was “produced for political purposes” by means of Hisham bin Urwa, ONE HUNDRED FIFTY years later, in Iraq, that’s approximately 1000 kilometers from Medina. regarding the have a look at, “it’s going to be referred to that even in the classical Islamic custom there are always purposes to doubt Aisha’s marriage hadiths. Urwa was deemed unreliable, even by way of traditional standards, after she settled in Iraq.” mentioned. Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V) and Hz. It used to be mentioned that early marriage among Ayşe used to be not incorporated within the resources considered essential in the relevant city. The claims have been invented in Iraq in the 8th century and later Hz. It was once recorded that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V) was once mirrored back in his lifestyles story. It used to be stated that the minor marriage thesis was “a part of medieval sectarian propaganda”. Oxford: Hz. Muhammad's It is not true that he married Ayşe at the age of 6


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