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one in every of Europe’s most lovely rivers clogged by means of massive floating rubbish unload
Caption: One of Europe's most beautiful rivers turns into toxic wasteland as tonnes of rubbish floats to shore. Credit : Getty/AP

Huge amounts of landfill have poured into the river Drina in the Balkans (Image: Getty/AP)

A river in Eastern Europe famed for its herbal attractiveness has turn out to be clogged via an enormous island of floating waste because of mismanagement.

A Few 10,000 cubic metres of densely packed plastic boxes, empty barrels, used tires and different debris now cover nearly the entire width of a stretch of the Drina river in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Rubbish has piled up in opposition to a barrier which was once built to protect a dam utilized by a hydroelectric plant downstream.

So Much of it is believed to have come from poorly regulated landfill websites along its shores which stretch into Serbia and Montenegro and have been flooded following heavy rain over the prior week.

However environmental groups say huge quantities have also dumped straight away into the water by way of suspected flytippers and unlawful landfill websites.

Dejan Furtula of Eco Centre Visegrad stated: ‘We had a lot of rainfall and torrential floods in recent days and a huge influx of water from (the Drina’s tributaries in) Montenegro that is now, thankfully, subsiding.

‘Unfortunately, the massive influx of garbage has no longer ceased.’

The barrier collects an envisioned 6,000 to 8,000 cubic metres of waste yearly, according to workers at the hydroelectric dam who take care of it, meaning garbage islands of this type are a regular sight on the Drina.

20, 2023. tons of waste dumped in poorly regulated riverside landfills or directly into the rivers across 3 Western Balkan international locations end up accumulating all through high water season in iciness and spring, at the back of a trash barrier within the Drina River in eastern Bosnia. (AP Photograph/Armin Durgut)”/>Dense floating waste stretches as a long way because the eye can see on a piece of the Drina (Image: AP)

The Drina is a 346 km (215 mi) long international river, which forms a large portion of the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The 215-mile lengthy river bureaucracy a big element of the border among Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (Image: Getty)

Tons of floating waste float in the Drina river near Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, January 21, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

The waste has piled up towards a barrier protecting a hydroelectric dam (Image: Reuters)


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