Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Germany fails to satisfy Greece's armored vehicle expectation
It was once claimed that the armored vehicle agreement between Germany and Greece was once blocked. The claim was once introduced in the news on the CNN Greece portal. according to the scoop in AA, it used to be reminded that the agreement reached between Athens and Berlin stipulates that Germany will send Marder sort armored vehicles, so long as Greece sends FORTY Soviet-made BMP-1 sort armored cars located in the jap Aegean islands to Ukraine. In the scoop, which said that Greece has despatched 20 BMP-1s to Ukraine thus far, it used to be mentioned that 14 Marder type armored automobiles had been supplied from Germany to be used within the Evros region. It was also stated within the news that 6 Marder sort armored automobiles are anticipated to achieve Thessaloniki inside a couple of days. Germany cannot meet Greece's armored vehicle expectation #1 Germany doesn’t have enough Marder-type armored automobiles due to its resolution to ship FORTY Marder-kind armored cars to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. In the scoop that included the allegations, it used to be mentioned that Greece can have to make do with the 20 Marder it has.​ Germany fails to meet Greece's armored vehicle expectations #2


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