Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Ex-police officer grabs neighbour around neck in row over garden fence

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A retired policeman chased his neighbour right down to the bottom of the lawn and grabbed him across the neck while a six-month boundary dispute boiled over. 

Nicholas Williams, 67, lost his mood after spotting Peter Laver, 73, inspecting the 6ft fence he had just submit among their homes in Weymouth, Dorset, in June. 

His partner advised the older guy to ‘get off my land’ earlier than Williams got up and charged at him while he snapped again: ‘I’m allowed to be right here.’ 

The war of words used to be filmed by way of another resident and presentations Williams screaming at Mr Laver while holding him over a smaller cord fence till they are separated. 

Williams pleaded guilty to assault and was once passed a 12-month restraining order.

Magistrates within the seashore the city were instructed there had been tensions among the two men for a minimum of six months before things turned ugly on the afternoon of June 6. 

Mr Laver maintained he had a proper to get right of entry to the rear of his neighbour’s belongings beneath the terms of a criminal covenant attached to the deeds of his home, which he bought THIRTEEN years in the past. 

it is thought this related to maintaining drainage pipes that bumped into the Williams’ lawn. 


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