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Every monk at Buddhist temple tested sure for medicine and is now in rehab
A Buddhist temple was left empty after every monk failed drug tests in Thailand. At least eight monks including their chief abbots were found positive for methamphetamine during unannounced testing in Phetchabun province on November 28.??????PICTURE??????PACKAGE: Video, pictures, text

The clergymen had been busted after the local council made them do surprise drug checks (Picture: ViralPress)

A small Buddhist temple in Thailand has been left with no clergymen when they all tested positive for methamphetamine.

The four non secular leaders were uncovered after the local council made them do a marvel drug test all over an inspection on Monday.

Every Other four priests – spread across 3 other temples within the Phetchabun province – additionally confirmed strains of the similar drug.

the group included a few chief abbots – the head of a temple.

All eight of them have been sent to Bueng Sam Phan Sanatorium, where they were enrolled in a rehabilitation programme.

Locals who on a regular basis use the now-empty temple are reportedly involved about how they are going to continue any worship practices.

Bueng Sam Phan district council chief Sompong Thongnoonui assured everyone that an acting abbot can be put position so other folks can proceed with their routines.

The police are excited about looking for the individual who sold the medication to the temples.


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