Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Banksy's work was once attempted to be stolen by getting rid of it from the wall in Ukraine
The conflict among Russia and Ukraine, which started on February 24, still keeps. known as an international-popular mural painter, whose identification continues to be private, Banksy painted considered one of his works in Ukraine’s Kyiv Area. The paintings, in which a woman in a fuel mask, her hair wrapped in a curling iron, dressed in a dressing robe and retaining a fire extinguisher, is depicted on a yellow wall, gave the impression one day after the invasion of Ukraine and confirmed that it belonged to her via sharing the pictures of the work. The painter, who regularly displays his works at the wall, confirms that it belongs to him when he stocks it on his social media account. Banksy’s works, which he rarely sells, continuously cross on sale for tens of millions of bucks. a brand new development happened within the conflict zone. In his statement, Governor Kuleba announced that Banksy’s painting, which he painted at the wall of a house damaged by way of missile attacks, used to be reduce from the wall by way of a gaggle of suspects and removed, but the police seized one in every of the suspects and the artwork on the scene. Expressing that the work was not damaged, Kuleba mentioned that that they had a gathering with the Ministry of Tradition in regards to the protection and future of the paintings. according to the inside track of DHA, Kuleba emphasised that Banksy’s works within the united states of america are underneath the security of the police and stated that such works are a logo of Ukraine’s combat. Banksy's work was attempted to be stolen by removing it from the wall #1 In Ukraine, Banksy's work was attempted to be stolen by removing it from the wall #2


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