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Who was Prince Heinrich XIII and what's the Reichsbürger movement in Germany?
German police conducted raids on December 7

German unique police carried out searches in 11 of Germany’s SIXTEEN states amid an alleged plot to overthrow the government (Picture: FRICKE/NEWS5/AFP via Getty Pictures)

On December 7, 25 other people had been detained in Germany in major police raids on suspected some distance-right extremists.

a bunch reportedly plotted to overthrow the German government through drive – and deliberate to install a self-declared prince because the u . s .’s new chief.

The raids had been described by means of Germany’s Justice Minister Marco Buschmann as ‘an immense anti-terror operation’ – and he wrote on Twitter (translated from German) that ‘there is a suspicion that an armed assault on constitutional our bodies was once planned’.

Among The suspects is a person, SEVENTY ONE, going via the nickname ‘Prince Heinrich XIII’, believed to be the chief of the so-referred to as ‘Reichsbürger’ motion.

But who exactly was the prince and what’s the movement about?

this is the whole lot you wish to have to grasp.

Who was Prince Heinrich XIII?

The nickname a reference to the real-lifestyles Prince Heinrich XIII, who was once Prince Reuss of Greiz (a the town in Germany) from 1800 to his dying elderly 69 in 1817.

The Prince is best recognized for rebuilding Greiz after it used to be devastated through a fire in 1802.

Modern-day Greiz, Thuringia, Germany

Modern-day Greiz, Thuringia, Germany (Image: Getty)

He ordered that town be rebuilt in a neoclassical taste, and he moved his residence from the Oberes Schloss (Upper Fortress) to the Unteres Schloss (Decrease Citadel), to be more in contact together with his other people.

Upon the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, Henry XIII joined the Confederation of the Rhine and was a member of the German Confederation.


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