Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Wagner's founder Prigojin Den threatens Europe with a bloody sledgehammer
Whilst Russia’s attacks on Ukraine proceed, the strain within the area is expanding with the eu Parliament (EP) declaring Russia a country that commits terrorist activities and supports terrorism. in line with the scoop of İHA, Yevgeny Prigojin, one of the founders of the Russian mercenary staff Wagner, known for its closeness to the Kremlin, and referred to as the Russian oligarch and the prepare dinner of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shared the news on social media to be sent to the AP in the Kiber Front Z staff. He despatched his consultant a sledgehammer in a violin case with traces of blood on its handle. In a statement on the subject, Concorde corporate, owned through Prigojin, said, “I don’t know during which regulations the european Parliament is ruled. However, before this resolution came into effect (Russia’s declaration of a terrorist state), i was requested to post a record to the eu Parliament”< /strong> statements had been used. Bloody sledgehammer risk to Europe from Wagner’s founder Prigojin
Wagner's founder Prigojin threat to Europe with bloody hammer #1 One Of Wagner’s mercenaries in the Russia-Ukraine battle Yevgeny Nuzhin had handed from the Russian side to the Ukrainian aspect. Pictures of Nuzhin, who was allegedly kidnapped in Kiev and taken to Russia, were published on social media where he used to be executed with a sledgehammer. at the EP Basic Meeting held in Strasbourg, France, the thought to outline Russia as a rustic that supports terrorism was placed to the vote. While there were 58 no votes towards 494 sure votes in the balloting, 44 of the EP individuals preferred to abstain. It used to be said that the inspiration was once prepared at the foundation of files that contain greater than 40 thousand struggle crimes dedicated via the Russian military at the territory of Ukraine. Wagner's founder Prigojin threat to Europe with bloody hammer #2


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