Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Vladimir Zelensky: We Will Be Able To respond to Russia
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke about the ongoing warfare with Russia. Zelensky evaluated the process the conflicts in his publish on social media. Zelensky said that he met with the officials of the Ukrainian Military, and that they mentioned the details of the ongoing conflict in opposition to Russia in his u . s .. Expressing that they foresee promising developments for them at the entrance and are preparing in this case, Zelensky mentioned: we’re making ready for various kinds of motion by way of the terrorist state (Russia). We see its intentions and we will be able to respond.” Vladimir Zelensky: We will respond to Russia #1 at the other hand, Zelensky, in his speech to Ukrainian diplomats, “the most important task for all people is to win this battle.” he said. Noting that everybody has switched to an extraordinary running regime because of the months-lengthy war in his country, Zelensky said, “we now have to face by way of Ukraine 24 hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a 12 months. You and that i would not have the best to a weekend, we should not have the correct to rest, we shouldn’t have the fitting to vacation, we would not have eight hours a day. we wouldn’t have the proper to paintings.” he had said. in step with the news of AA, Zelensky additionally talked about that steps corresponding to implementing sanctions on Russia in the world enviornment need to be persisted. Vladimir Zelensky: We will respond to Russia #2 Vladimir Zelensky: We will respond to Russia #3


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