Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
US imposes negative check requirement on passengers from China
After the end of the “Zero Covid” strategy carried out in China, there was an explosion in coronavirus cases. As China prepares to reopen its borders on January EIGHT, 2023, many countries have imposed trying out and quarantine necessities on vacationers from China because of the increase in cases. The final usa to impose a take a look at requirement on passengers from China was once the usa. in step with the news of İHA; Federal health officials announced that as of 00:01 native time on January 5, passengers coming back from China to the Usa will have to take a coronavirus test at such a lot days ahead of the flight and submit a negative check outcome to their airline before boarding the airplane. It used to be said that the test requirement applies not only to direct flights to the united states, but additionally to transit flights from third international locations akin to Seoul, Toronto and Vancouver. US requires travelers from China to test negative #1 A federal health reliable mentioned “Those measures will not eliminate all dangers or prevent inflamed individuals from getting into the United States. “we all know it would possibly not prevent it totally. it’s going to nonetheless assist prohibit the choice of inflamed other people and provides us early warning of new editions.” said. Previously, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and India had imposed trying out and quarantine tasks on passengers from China, following the increase in the collection of cases.


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