Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Ukrainian intelligence: Russia is attempting to entice Belarus into the warfare
Kyiv thinks that the Russian military is finishing up a brand new plan for the conflict, which started on February 24. In Keeping With Ukrainian intelligence, Russia is planning to involve its best friend Belarus within the battle. In Keeping With the news of Newsweek, Russia is in training for “fake flag assaults on infrastructure in Belarus to tug Minsk into the battle”. Ukrainian intelligence says this will encourage Minsk’s involvement within the warfare and turn public opinion in Belarus in prefer of the Kremlin. Then Again, in a statement made by the us-primarily based think tank Institute for War Research (ISW), it was cited that the try to involve Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko within the warfare in Ukraine might fail. at the different hand, Belarusian flesh presser Franak Viacorka mentioned, “I Do Not suppose Putin is interested in sending Belarusian troops to Russia.”. Ukrainian intelligence: Russia is trying to draw Belarus into the war #1 Arguing that Putin and Lukashenko want each other, Viacorka stated: < strong>“Lukashenko provides Putin the whole thing he wishes: land, facilities and infrastructure. Putin sends Lukashenko everything like military assist that helps to keep him in energy.”


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