Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
PKK kidnapped girl from Haseke
The 15 may organization PKK/YPG is trying to prevent its losses. The bloody 15 may organization goals girls in order to expand its personnel. The organization abducted another lady from the province of Haseke, which it occupied in Syria, and introduced it to its armed workforce. In Spite Of signing an settlement with the United Countries (UN) to “free up the child warring parties within it,” the PKK/YPG maintains to use child combatants. Redor Al Ahmet, spokesman for the opposition Kurdish staff “Unbiased Kurdish Rabita”, mentioned that PKK/YPG terrorists abducted 12-yr-old woman C.H.I from the Malikiyye district of Haseke. Pointing Out that the PKK/YPG took five children from their households only in October, Ahmet stated that terrorists have intensified child abductions in contemporary months to increase their armed personnel. On October 6, 12, THIRTEEN and 14 years old İ.A., D.A., from the Helenç village of the Aynularab district of PKK/YPG terrorists. and M.A. She had abducted the 14-yr-old woman Ş.N.M with her brothers on EIGHT October. Terrorists don’t permit the youngsters they have got abducted to speak with their households. The 15 may organization frequently takes the early life and children it kidnapped or detained to camps for armed coaching. PKK kidnapped her daughter from Hasaka introduced that the 15 may organization PKK/YPG recruited 221 children to its armed team of workers in 2021. The report states that the so-called “Afrin Liberation Forces”, which the “Internal Security Forces”, the arm of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG, used 24 youngsters within the comparable year. It was once also said that it was determined that it brought 2 children to its armed workforce in 2021. The PKK/YPG also killed 55 youngsters in Syria in 2021, and the “Afrin Liberation Forces” and “Internal Security Forces” affiliated to the organization also had 18 children within the same year. He was once mentioned to had been killed.


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