Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
'Patriot' Award within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to FETO'ist Enes Kanter
The treacherous FETO contributors who took shelter within the U.S.A. after the July 15 coup try are liked. Enes Kanter, the adopted son of FETÖ ringleader Fetullah Gülen, become a US citizen and delivered the phrase Freedom to his surname. The Americans gave the treacherous FETO member Kanter the ‘Most Valuable Patriot’ award. The award rite used to be broadcast on the Fox channel. FoxNews Kanteri, who covered the ceremony, couldn’t end praising it. It used to be stated that Kanter, who allegedly sacrificed his basketball profession to be the voice of the silent, received the “Most Valuable Patriot” award in FoxNews, followed by means of applause. In his speech after receiving the award, Kanter once more focused Turkey. Pointing Out that anti-Western feelings are very common in Turkey, Kanter claimed that his buddies pressured him to burn an American flag and pass. Kanter defined that he was very scared at that second and ran to his mother. He stated he requested his mom “My buddies want me to hate American Citizens. American Citizens are unhealthy, so what am I going to do?”. FETO fighter Enes Kanter receives patriotic award #1 in the USA FETO fighter Enes Kanter received patriotic award #2


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