Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
North Korean leader's sister defied US and South Korea
Kim Yo Jong evaluated South Korea’s observation that the north is reviewing “unilateral sanctions” as a result of missile checks, to the country’s authentic media. known as the most tough identify in North Korea after Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, “What are the ‘sanctions’ that the South Korean staff, that is nothing but a wild dog teething a bone given through the united states, will arrogantly impose on North Korea? I’m Wondering. What a sight to see.” He used . Kim Yo Jong stated that South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and executive officials are idiots who continue to create a deadly situation . “We warn the boastful and stupid once again.” , Kim Yo Jong pointed out that the desperate sanctions and pressures of the united states and South Korean pawns will inflame North Korea’s hostility and anger. Kim Yo Jong South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs officers said a few days in the past that they have been reviewing further unilateral sanctions because of North Korea’s latest missile tests. Officers said that they could evaluate sanctions and restrictions if North Korea, which is alleged to have carried out cyber assaults, makes a huge provocation. the united states Permanent Representative to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said that North Korea carried out provocative and destabilizing ballistic missile checks without concern of retaliation or retaliation from the Council. Thomas-Greenfield had said he might prepare and provide a presidential commentary to the Council wherein measures can be taken to cut back North Korea’s illegal guns of mass destruction and ballistic missile advances, and condemning the Pyongyang management. This name of america was once supported by way of some nations together with France, England, India, Japan and South Korea. Kim Yo Jong Kim Yo Jong mentioned in an announcement on November 22, criticizing the united states pressure on the UN to condemn his country’s ICBM checking out “extra He warned that he could face a grave safety obstacle” . Expressing that the UN Security Council does not oppose the u.s. and South Korea’s army workout routines and armament, Kim Yo Jong noted that they’ll provide “the toughest reaction to the end” to give protection to their national security.


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