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Mexican president posts photo of ‘woodland spirit from Mayan folklore’
A photo showing what Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador believes is an alux.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador believes this is a photograph of a small Mayan spirit known as an alux (Image: Twitter)

The president of Mexico claimed to have evidence of a mythological wooded area creature similar to an elf.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador posted a photo of what he said is an alux – a small Myan spirit believed to be goblin-like critters who creates mischief.

Mr Obrador shared the picture on Saturday and stated it was once ‘was taken three days in the past through an engineer, it sounds as if to be an alux’ including ‘everything is mystical’.

The night-time photo shows a tree with a department forming what looks like a halo of hair and what could also be stars forming the determine’s eyes.

in line with conventional Mayan trust, aluxes inhabit forests and fields and are prone to enjoying tricks on folks, like hiding things.

A Few people depart small offerings to soothe them.

A Couple Of commented that the picture used to be not an alux, with one claiming the similar picture did the rounds in Thailand in 2021.

Les comparto dos fotos de nuestra supervisión a las obras del Tren Maya: una, tomada por un ingeniero hace tres días, al parecer de un aluxe; otra, de Diego Prieto de una espléndida escultura prehispánica en Ek Balam. Todo es místico.

— Andrés Manuel (@lopezobrador_) February 25, 2023

Please contact your Local office representative for all commercial uses: World rights fees Mandatory Credit: Photo by Luis Barron/Eyepix Group/Shutterstock (13778724ae) February 22, 2023, Mexico City, Mexico: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador highlights the guilty verdict against former Secretary of Security Genaro Garcia Luna at the press conference at the National Palace in Mexico City. on February 22, 2023 in Mexico City, Mexico (Photo by Luis Barron / Eyepix Group). President of Mexico highlights guilty verdict of Genaro Garcia Luna, Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico - 22 Feb 2023

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has a zeal for normal cultures and ideology (Image: Rex Features)

Others criticised the president for ‘not checking whether the photograph was real prior to posting it’.

Mr Obrador hasn’t ever made any secret of his interest for normal cultures and beliefs.

Whilst he was inaugurated in 2018, he took part in an indigenous purifying ceremony.

He kneeled in a cloud of incense even as healers carried out a ritual with bunches of herbs.

Mr Obrador additionally has engineers and workers setting up the Maya Educate – a tourist challenge designed to go in the course of the Yucatan Peninsula, identified for its Mayan ruins.

the ancient Mayan civilization reached its height between 300AD and 900AD at the Yucatan Peninsula and in adjacent parts of Vital The United States, however the Mayas’ descendants proceed to are living on the peninsula.

Many proceed speaking the Mayan language and dressed in traditional apparel, at the same time as also conserving conventional meals, plants, faith and drugs practices, in spite of the conquest of the region by the Spanish among 1527 and 1546.

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