Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Isaac Herzog visited the Circassian village
Israeli President Isaac Herzog went to the Circassian village within the Galilee area. Traveling Kfar Kama, Herzog attended the outlet of the cultural middle. in line with a written commentary from the Israeli Presidency, Herzog and the accompanying delegation had been welcomed by way of Zekeriya Lapsu, Chairman of the Local Meeting of the Circassian village Kfar Kama. Herzog and his wife Michal watched the Circassian music group and dance efficiency inside the scope of the hole. In his speech, Herzog stated that he was once very excited to be in Kfar Kama and to take part in this ceremony, and mentioned, “i would like to thank the Circassians for his or her great contribution to the Israeli society and for this beautiful colour they have offered to the entire world, especially Israel.” . Kfar Kama Local Council President Lapsu also stated in his speech that Herzog’s discuss with was once carefully watched not just by way of the Circassian community in Israel, but also spread over FORTY nations across the global. Isaac Herzog visited the Circassian village #1 Circassians, expelled by the Russians from the Caucasus in the course of the Crimean Struggle, have been first settled within the Thessaloniki area by the Ottoman Empire, and then in the historical Palestinian lands in 1872. At The Same Time As there have been 10 Circassian villages within the region during the Ottoman period, after Israel used to be established, the selection of those villages decreased to two with the migration of the bulk of Circassians right here. Isaac Herzog visited the Circassian village #2 In Kfar Kama, one in all those villages, with 900 homes, approximately FOUR thousand, and in Reyhaniye, further north, roughly 1500 Circassians are living. in step with the news of AA, it’s noteworthy that the minbar of the mosque and the logo of the Ottoman flag on it, built by means of the people of Kfar Kama, who had been settled within the area by means of the Ottomans, shortly after their arrival in the village, had been preserved to this day. Isaac Herzog visited the Circassian village #3 Isaac Herzog visited Circassian village #4 Isaac Herzog , visited Circassian village #5 Isaac Herzog visited the Circassian village #6


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