Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Impeachment wave starts in Brazil after raids
After the previous President Jair Bolsonaro, who misplaced the election in Brazil, the waters do not relax. the country was once puzzled after Bolsonaro, who went to the united states before the inauguration ceremony of President-decide on Lula da Silva. A wave of impeachment started within the us of a after Bolsonaro supporters raided the National Congress, the Presidential Palace and the Ideal Courtroom. First, Federal Territory Security Secretary Anderson Torres, referred to as an best friend of Bolsonaro, was far from his put up. Finally, the Federal Governor of Brasilia Ibaneis Rocha used to be disregarded for NINETY days. Justice Minister Flavio Dino introduced that 200 individuals who raided the homes were detained. at the other hand, the presidents of Mexico and Peru condemned the raid on Congress in their statements. A wave of impeachment began in Brazil after the raids #1 Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador condemned the Congress raid in a put up on his Twitter account, announcing: “The oligarchic energy management in Brazil, “The coup attempt promoted by their spokesmen and fans have to be condemned. it’s an undemocratic try. Lula isn’t alone, however has the toughen of the progressive powers of his us of a, Mexico, the Americas and the arena.” brazil_7211.jpg
Peruvian President Dina Boluarte also said that they “strongly” condemned the raids in Brazil. Rocha, who used to be sacked, stated, “i have decided to brush aside the Secretary of Federal District Safety (Torres), taking all the security forces out into the streets to intrude.” he made the commentary. A wave of impeachment began in Brazil after the raids #3 In Brazil yesterday, groups chanting slogans hard military intervention broke through the police barrier and entered the Nationwide Congress development. The police, who intervened with tear gasoline to disperse the extreme right-wing pro-Bolsonaro protesters, couldn’t save you the teams from entering the Presidential Palace and supreme Court construction afterward. A wave of impeachment began in Brazil after the raids #4 The supporters of former President Bolsonaro, who stormed the National Congress and Presidential Palace, were removed from those homes by way of the security forces and controlled. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula defined the actions as “vandalism and fascism” and stated that the people who must be chargeable for safety in Brazil weren’t doing their duty. in keeping with the inside track of AA, Silva interrupted his software in Sao Paulo state and again to the capital Brasilia whilst the protesters broke into government buildings. A wave of dismissals started after raids in Brazil #5 A wave of dismissals started in Brazil after raids #6


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