Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Ilham Aliyev: Turkish army isn't on my own
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev responded questions on the world convention titled “Along the middle Hall: geopolitics, security and financial system” held at ADA College in the capital, Baku. Upon the query concerning the cooperation among Azerbaijan and Turkey, President Aliyev emphasized brotherhood and alliance. “If I start talking approximately Azerbaijan-Turkey family members, we must always be here for a few more days.” said Aliyev, “We Are brothers, pals and allies. Remaining yr we formalized the effects got in Shusha. We formally turned into allies via signing the announcement of alliance. I state once again that that is the formalization of fact.” he mentioned. in line with the scoop of DHA; Emphasizing that Azerbaijan and Turkey have taken steps as allies for many years, Aliyev made the next statements: “i’m completely assured that our cooperation will improve in all areas, and this is crucial criterion of regional stability. because the cooperation and joint actions among Turkey and Azerbaijan are aimed toward strengthening the stableness within the region. This criterion have to be taken into consideration through everybody. As A Result Of we combine our possible as two countries and together we are more potent than apart. the potential of each Turkey and Azerbaijan is increasing. not just its economic and commercial energy, but also its military energy is expanding. greater than 10 joint military workout routines were held with Turkey periodically throughout the yr. The exercises had been held each in Turkey and Azerbaijan. this is a very powerful degree of our nearby steadiness and security. folks that have insidious plans towards Azerbaijan or Turkey must recognise that the Turkish military is not most effective there, but in addition that our army is there. Our army isn’t alone, there’s also the Turkish military there. people who plan provocations on our borders, folks who need to scare us, will have to fail to remember those plans.”


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