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Hundreds rush to donate blood after Greece train crash kills at least 36
A composite of people queuing to donate blood and the scene of the Greece train crash.

The tragedy has touched off a wave of anger and grief amongst Greeks (Image: Twitter/@Volidoskopos/Getty)

Loads of people rushed to donate blood after at least 36 other people died whilst a freight and passenger train collided in Greece.

A passenger train vacationing between Athens and Thessaloniki slammed into a cargo train travelling from Thessaloniki to Larissa just before midnight Tuesday.

Carriages as soon as full of greater than 350 passengers and group of workers were crumpled and twisted into knots of smoky metal in a single of the country’s deadliest rail injuries in latest years.

many of the teens who died were students returning from carnival celebrations in Athens – the first since the coronavirus pandemic.

Train crash in Greece

Why the head-on crash took place remains to be uncertain (Image: EPA)

Other Folks donate blood after a crash, the place two trains collided, at the town of Larissa, Greece, March 1, 2023.</body></html>” /></div>
<p>– The station master of Larissa was arrested police stated hours after a head-on collision between  trains, adding that the fees would be announced shortly. Greece’s ideally suited court prosecutor had in advance ordered an research, with government spokesman noting that the two trains have been left running at the same observe for ” a few=”” kilometres.=”” by means of=”” sakis=”” mitrolidis=”” afp=”” by way of=”” getty=”” images=””/>Former high minister Alexis Tsipras (C) was among the ones giving blood (Image: AFP) </p>
<p>Around EIGHTY FIVE other folks found injured within the buckled carriages or injured through the ensuing hearth had been taken to hospitals in Larissa, the closest city to the location.</p>
<p>Shock, anger and grief had been the sentiments Greeks felt this morning as news of the fatal spoil unfold.</p>
<p>Within hours, Valuable Square in Larissa was once coated by means of masses of people voluntarily donating blood.</p>
<p>An emergency blood force was organised through the Greek humanitarian staff, the Hellenic Purple Move, in collaboration with two native hospitals to assist those injured.</p>
<p>the former high minister and current chief of the opposition, Alexis Tsipras, was amongst the ones donating blood out of doors the town’s basic health facility.</p>
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REUTERS/Giannis Floulis”/>The makeshift donation hospital was arrange among humanitarian campaigners and medical institution staff (Picture: Reuters)

Site of train crash in Greece

The passenger train was traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki (Picture:

Shipping Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned this morning, announcing he felt it was his ‘accountability’ to step down ‘as a basic indication of appreciate for the memory of the people who died so unfairly’.

‘Whilst something so tragic occurs, it’s unimaginable to proceed as though nothing had took place,’ he mentioned.

‘It’s a indisputable fact that we inherited the Greek railway in a state that is not fitting for the twenty first century,’ he added.

‘In those 3 and a part years we made each and every attempt to improve this truth. Sadly, those efforts were not ok to avoid any such tragedy.’

The reason behind the crash close to the Vale of Tempe, a river valley about 235 miles north of Athens, continues to be unclear. It happened shortly after the passenger teach came out from underneath a freeway underpass.

Local news media pronounced that the man, 59, who was once to blame of signalling, had directed the cargo teach onto the same track as the passenger teach.

The stationmaster has been charged with causing mass deaths through negligence and causing grievous bodily harm thru negligence, a police authentic stated.

He has denied any responsibility, attributing it to a potential technical failure, and can be brought sooner than an investigator the following day.

Two different rail officers have additionally been wondered.

Survivors have defined scenes of horror. The have an effect on of the 2 trains smashing into each other despatched riders flying thru educate car home windows, even as others were buried beneath steel beams.


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