Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Pakistan is experiencing one of the biggest screw ups of new years. as a result of the effective monsoon rains because 14 June, flood screw ups have shaken the country all over the country. according to the data of Pakistan Nationwide Disaster Control Company (NDMA), 244 of 1208 people who misplaced their lives for the reason that 14 June had been ladies, 416 had been children, and the selection of injured was 6 thousand 82. according to the news of AA, 5 thousand 63 kilometers of roads have been damaged, 243 bridges and 173 retail outlets have been destroyed all over the country. because of the floods, a million 172 thousand 549 properties were broken, of which 436 thousand 307 have been completely destroyed. At The Same Time As 33 million FORTY SIX thousand people had been affected by the flood screw ups in the country, a complete of 733 thousand 488 farm animals perished. The collection of people residing within the help camps dependent reduced to 472 thousand 313. Flood in Pakistan: death toll reaches 1208 Flood height in Pakistan: death toll reaches 1208


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