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Eco-warriors humiliated after stopping concert through gluing to removable stand
Eco activists glue themselves to railing but it?s removable so security put them in corridor

They weren’t absolute best happy about being removed

a couple of climate activists were left embarrassed when they glued themselves to a removable railing and moved away right into a hall.

The protesters – Marlene Limburg and Stefgan Mueller – stormed a live performance degree on the Elbphilharmonie concert corridor, in Hamburg, Germany, on November 25 during a performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.

Their protest sparked boos from the target audience until their actions have been minimize quick by means of a man, believed to be either from security or a degree hand, who lifted the railing and carried them away to cheers from the group.

one among the protesters shouted: ‘we’re collectively suppressing the climate disaster and therefore taking a life in safety and peace away from our children. 

‘Just as there may be just one Beethoven violin concerto, we most effective have this one planet whose barriers we so fail to remember that climate related disasters have gotten extra frequent and deadly.

‘there’ll be not more Elbphilharmonie to enjoy Beethoven while Hamburg is below water. The situation is escalating at this time, before our eyes.’

The protest lasted for a couple of minutes.

Eco protest groups including Just Forestall Oil and Extinction Revolt have ramped up their efforts in latest months.

Freie Sachsen, 25 Nov 2022 um 15:07
Im Video: Hier fliegen Deutschlands peinlichste Klima-Kleber aus der Elbphilarmonie!

— Ingrid Stangl (@IngridStangl1) November 25, 2022

activists on stage

The activists stormed the level

activists removed

But they were temporarily removed

Simply Stop Oil activists have thrown soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers portray and hurled a black, oily liquid at a famous Klimt painting in Vienna.

Some Other protester from the gang used to be jailed for gluing himself to the body of a Van Gogh painting two weeks in the past.

The judge said the 18th-century body were ‘completely broken’ as a results of the protest.

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