Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
demand immigration from Italy and Greece to Europe: We call for sturdy action
Greek Overseas Minister Nikos Dendias went to Italy to make contacts. Dendias met with Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Overseas Affairs Antonio Tajani in Rome. The Two names held a joint press convention after their meeting at the ministry. Stating that they agreed with Athens at the wish to interact for security and peace in the Mediterranean area, Tajani stated, “we should also interact on the ECU level on illegal immigration. Greece and Italy have issues to maintain. Heaps of individuals Our kilometers of coast represent Europe’s southern border and we both need European solutions to migration.” mentioned. Immigration call from Italy and Greece to Europe: We want strong action #1 Tajani mentioned that both Italy and Greece really feel robust immigration pressure on their coasts and so they will not be left by myself, “we are concerned about migration both at the Mediterranean route and at the Balkan route.Emphasizing the will for Ecu unity within the problem of abnormal migration, Tajani said, “we now have discovered a basic problem in regards to immigration. that is no longer the problem of Italy with France, we’re revealing that it’s a question of whether or not it’s felony or no longer.” used. Call for immigration from Italy and Greece to Europe: We want strong action #2 Tajani said that the “Dublin regulation” on problems reminiscent of immigration and asylum amongst EUROPEAN individuals appeared “drained” to him. “Now it is in danger of being overcome, but Eu unity can’t be not noted. it seems to me that this cry from the border nations within the south has began to be frequent. the issues can’t be solved in one assembly, however starting from Greece, Malta, Slovenia I noticed solidarity on this issue.” commented. The traveling Minister additionally mentioned, “with regard to immigrants, Greece could also be suffering from this downside like Italy. we are at the entrance traces together and we will have to work in team spirit.” he stated.Immigration call from Italy and Greece to Europe: We want strong action #3 Tajani stated that they are following with fear the missile that fell on the village of Przewodow, situated at the border with Ukraine, ” “it seems that Russia does not have a right away involvement in missiles or missiles. this could push us to send messages aimed toward reducing tensions,” he mentioned. Underlining that they need to work for peace in Ukraine, Tajani stated, “Peace isn’t the surrender of Ukraine, but an settlement between international locations on the basis of the principle of justice, this means that Ukraine’s independence and admire for international regulation.”. Call for immigration from Italy and Greece to Europe: We want strong action #4 Visitor Minister Dendias additionally expressed Greece’s solidarity with what came about in Poland, an eu member and NATO allies, and mentioned: < strong> “looks like the missiles weren’t launched from Russia and that should de-increase extra briefly, however the main drawback remains.Both have to be revered. we know who the invader is, who invaded.”.


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