Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Bomb threat makes emergency touchdown in Japan
In Japan, the low-finances Jetstar Japan Co. There Has Been a bomb panic at the airplane belonging to the company. In a world phone call that reached the Narita Airport Data Heart referring to Jetstar flight 501 from Tokyo to Fukuoka in the southwest, it was claimed that the bomb was planted. The English-speaking caller from Germany stated that he had left 100 kilograms of plastic explosives within the cargo dangle of the plane, in line with State Tv NHK. On The other hand, he claimed that if he did not meet with the manager, he may blow it up. according to the inside track of AA; according to the japanese company remark, the scheduled airplane made an emergency touchdown at Chubu Global Airport in Aichi province at 07:41 local time after the warning. It was once realized that there have been a total of 136 passengers and 6 workforce on the aircraft, 2 of which were small children. Passengers and team evacuated using inflatable slides had been transported to the airport terminal by buses. a large collection of firefighters and ambulances were deployed near the airplane. The plane was once successfully evacuated after the emergency landing, in line with the Kyodo agency. Japan bomb threat makes plane emergency landing #1 Local police proceed to investigate the supply of the bomb risk at the aircraft, in line with airport officers. After the incident, landing and take-off flights at Chubu World Airport were quickly suspended.


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