Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
Bashar Assad and Hamas together after 10 years
At The Same Time As the civil conflict that started in Syria in 2011 persisted, a brand new building took place in Damascus, the capital of Syria. The Hamas delegation visited Syria 10 years later. The delegation, which included Halil Al Hayya, the senior reputable responsible for members of the family with Arab nations on behalf of Hamas, came to the Syrian capital Damascus for the primary time considering that 2012 and met with Syrian President Bashar Assad. On The press conference held after the meeting, Al-Hayya mentioned that the meeting was a good and historic moment and defined the meeting as a brand new beginning for the Palestinian-Syrian members of the family. Declaring that Assad was once desperate to make stronger the Palestinian resistance and described the discuss with as an excellent day, Al-Hayya said, “we’re happy to be in Syria, the cradle of the resistance.” He used . Bashar Assad and Hamas together after 10 years
Expressing that they hope to open a brand new web page in Syria-Palestine family members, Al-Hayya mentioned that Hamas He declared that he opposes any “Zionist or US assault” on Syria. Al-Hayya stressed that there may be basic reinforce and delight amongst Hamas leadership and cadres for re-organising family members with Syria. Hamas headquarters Hamas leaders were expelled by means of Syria in 2012 for not helping the regime in spite of being in Damascus for years. Bashar Assad and Hamas together after 10 years 3c5ef1c796186c3d7637a01d70b7b0c ” alt=”Bashar Assad and Hamas in combination after 10 years” width=”703″ height=”395″/>


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