Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Aliyev: Individuals Who make the most our natural tools are accountable in step with the norm of global regulation
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev met with a group of intellectuals from the West Azerbaijan Group, shaped by way of Azerbaijanis exiled from Armenia during the Soviet era. Talking at the assembly, Aliyev mentioned that what took place at the street to Lachin led to another hysteria against Azerbaijan, “Here, not only Armenia, but maybe more than them, their bosses in a foreign country and the states status behind them launched a smear campaign against Azerbaijan. at the United International Locations Another provocation is being ready in opposition to us on the (UN). It Is glaring. this is our authentic proper. Our herbal tools are being used and transported. folks that make the most our herbal instruments are criminals in keeping with any norm of global regulation. Because that is an across the world known area of ours. we’ve a rightful call for that our representatives of the general public and, first of all, representatives of state establishments will have to behavior inspections there. which they need to see that work is being done and this criminality need to be stopped. this is our rightful demand.” he said. Aliyev: Those who exploit our natural resources are guilty according to the norm of international law #1 Aliyev also stated that the location on the Lachin street used to be introduced by means of changing, “Again, lie, slander again. all of us understand who did this. I repeat, the Armenian state isn’t within the first position here. However this may increasingly not deter us from anything. we have now proven this many times already. The Second One Karabakh Struggle and the two years after the war showed this. no person can influence us. There could also be calls, there could also be some motives, we don’t wish to listen to them. We best resolution those calls out of political courtesy. Alternatively, this will no longer modification our position within the slightest.” kok/2022/12/25/aliyev_8201.jpg” width=”1200″ height=”771″ alt=”Aliyev: folks who take advantage of our herbal instruments are criminals consistent with the norm of world legislation #2″/> The unlawful operation of mines in Azerbaijani territory and the resultant environmental impact in order to research and keep an eye on the wear and tear led to, groups of Azerbaijani experts had been sent to the area where the Armenian population lived and Russian forces had been briefly deployed, however the access of those teams to the region was averted by means of the Armenians. The activists started a protest in the Lachin Hall on December 12, not easy the prevention of the unlawful operation of the mines in the territory of Azerbaijan. maintains its activities.


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